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“In the restaurant business they call it the ‘Value proposition’: great food, outstanding service, good atmosphere, and all at a very reasonable price.
“Ron Robertson, DDS gets five stars on my ranking. Extremely experienced dentistry, very professional staff, outstanding service, charming location, and all at a very competitive price. I highly recommend Ron and his team.”
— Mr. B.

“I will be relocating to Santa Barbara in a few months and am already fretting over finding new doctors, hair salon, etc. But no worries when it comes to a dentist. Dr. Robertson has taken care of me during several visits with perfect results and I trust him completely. I am actually holding off on replacing some old dental work to have it done by Dr. R. The office is casual and friendly, which takes the stress right out of it for me.”
— Kim G.

“I have been going to Dr. Robertson for almost 25 years .... he has always been a top professional in the Santa Barbara dental world!”
— Steve E.

“I've been going to Dr. Robertson for several years now, and every time has been a great experience — I actually even kind of look forward to going.
“I love that the office is small — it’s located in a cute converted house and isn’t a giant, impersonal waiting room. All of the staff is friendly and makes you feel like family.
“I’ve had Dr. Robertson fill a couple very tiny cavities using a painless sandblasting-type method and it was great, and Shannon, the hygienist who cleans my teeth is very nice and gentle. Their pricing when I didn’t have dental insurance seemed reasonable, and now that I have insurance, I don’t pay anything for their amazing service.
“For anyone looking for a great dentist in Santa Barbara, I would highly recommend Dr. Robertson and his staff.”
— Jennifer E.